How Procket Helped Connor Cirillo Build Influence and Grow his Audience on LinkedIn

Connor Cirillo has grown is audience and influence on LinkedIn by using Procket to turn recorded conversations into engaging content.

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How Procket Helped Connor Cirillo Build Influence and Grow his Audience on LinkedIn
“I'm not trying to be the next Gary Vaynerchuk. Instead, I want to build meaningful relationships with smart people in my space. Procket has helped me fast-track that and I appreciate it.”
Connor Cirillo, Senior Customer Experience (CX) Strategist, HubSpot

The Challenge

Consistently sharing content to build a personal brand

Connor's been working in a niche marketing space for years. As someone on the frontlines, he's getting insights and spotting trends he wants to share. He's tried to get his work out there as a conference speaker, blog writer, or podcast guest.

For all he's seen and done, though, he doesn't have much of an audience to show for it. In fact, even if you worked in the same industry as Connor, you wouldn't know about his work unless you looked for it.

He loves his full-time job and, at the same time, sees the value in building a personal brand, too. In fact, he knows a stronger personal brand may actually help him in his day-job. It may attract qualified candidates to apply for roles on his team, help customers succeed with his company's tools, and create more opportunities for thought leadership in the future.

Consistently sharing content to build a personal brand.

“Building my personal brand had been all misses, no hits, and ate a lot of my time. I knew I have a lot to share and value to add — I just couldn’t figure out what to say or how to say it.”

Sometimes, he'd get the motivation that this would be the time he'd build his personal brand. He'd then stare at a blank word editor, not knowing what to do first. Who was his audience? What did they want to hear about? How should he frame his perspective? And most important — how could he possibly build this into a recurring habit?

“I tried hiring freelance writers, who promised to create the content for me. That turned into chasing down and managing another person on top of my team at work. After missed deadlines and more rounds of edits than the work was worth, I never got off the ground."

He even paid for high-quality courses that promised him insights and approaches on making time for writing. Despite understanding the tips, the barrier to creating great content from scratch always felt too high. At the end of all that work — early mornings, late nights, and weekends gone by — Connor had nothing to show for it. Nobody in his space took him more seriously than before and he hadn’t created value for anyone.

"The barrier to creating great content from scratch always felt too high.”

The Solution

Once he realized what a personal brand was worth to his career and that there was no better time to start than the present, he turned to Procket. Procket helped Connor get on a path to establishing himself as a leader in his niche.

Easy process

Procket enabled this work to be something Connor could actually commit to. By meeting him on the channels he's already on, he could submit content ideas with ease.

Contextual prompts

Procket removed the writer's block and barriers for Connor to generate content ideas. Based on his profile, he got daily questions and topics for him to create new content from previous experiences.

Quality content

Procket reduced the amount of time it took Connor to get a new post live. By recording voice memos or typing up notes, he got content delivered in his voice that didn’t need much revision.

The Result

Now, Connor has the confidence and process in place to develop himself as a known thinker in his niche. He's seeing his posts reach more people, his network grow, and more opportunities come as a result of it.

“I’m reaching more of the right folks, I'm building more relationships with them, and I'm getting more opportunities as a result. I have Procket to thank for enabling all that.”



– Time to consistently create content from scratch

– Lack of structure to write quality posts

– Hiring a consistent and trustworthy writer


– Easy process to share ideas via short audio clips

– Contextual prompts to answer relevant and timely questions

– Quality content on a consistent schedule


– Featured in LinkedIn’s Future of Chatbots and Voice Expert Report

– Greater influence in hiring, sales and networking

– A higher number of meaningful connections on LinkedIn

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