How Omniscient Digital Scaled Content Marketing Without Growing Headcount

How Omniscient Digital Scaled Content Marketing Without Growing Headcount

“[Using Procket] is essentially doing something once and multiplying the value and impact of it.”

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How Omniscient Digital Scaled Content Marketing Without Growing Headcount

Omniscient Digital helps businesses scale acquisition through strategic content marketing. They host The Long Game podcast that's full of conversations between the founders and industry experts.

Allie Decker, Head of Content at Omniscient Digital shared how they use Procket to drive high-quality demand without growing headcount using content repurposing.

The Challenge

Allie and her team wanted to stand out from a sea of cookie-cutter agencies. That's why they hosted a podcast with experts, so that they created value for potential prospects. To them, the most-important part of a podcast was the quality of the conversation itself. By focusing on creating a great conversation, they omitted promoting it. In their words, there just wasn't enough time.

“Our bandwidth didn’t allow us to write, post, or do as much as we want.”

Omniscient wouldn’t compromise on the quality of the conversation — the input. And they didn’t have the resources on the team to distribute that conversation — the output.

The Solution

At the start, Procket worked with Allie to find the right channels and post types that mattered to Omniscient Digital. Once they found the right mix, Allie and team were off and running. They continued to host high-quality conversations that separate them from competitors. Then, they sent the raw footage to the Procket team in one click. After only a few days, they got back a folder of high-quality content. It told the same, cohesive story across channels as what their expert said on the podcast.

“Procket allows us to have conversation [as a] podcast…that can [become] a blog, social post, graphics, videos, transcript, and key notes.”

The Result

Now, Allie's tiny team has mighty leverage with conversations as a content strategy. They record great conversations with experts. Those conversations become scalable and distributed content that drives more listeners. Then, those listeners become customers — and even guests. Omniscient Digital's flywheel spins faster than ever, all with conversations at the center.

The best part? Allie doesn't dedicate valuable brain space to this strategy either, as it just works. Procket keeps the workflows simple and the team accessible.

What's Next

Omniscient Digital will continue to work with Procket as they have more conversations and bring them to life across channels.

“Procket is a valuable resource that we have on our team and we’ll work with you as long as we can…I look forward to all the things you’ll help us do.”



- No bandwidth to promote conversations

- Valuable content stuck as audio

- Expensive to hire full-time


- Built simple workstream

- Defined outputs aligned around goals

- Democratized access to expert insights


- Increased leverage of podcast as content strategy

- Acquired customers from podcast

- Focus on telling stories, not managing processes

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