The Ultimate Guide to Content Repurposing

An actionable companion for anyone who has invested the time to create great content and wants to maximize their returns.
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What’s in the guide?

Good content is, at its core, a valuable asset that resonates with your audience.

Every piece of content you create is an investment of time and money, and we believe content repurposing is the most effective way to generate the best return on your investment. A single conversation can fill an entire content calendar when repackaged.

A 3 step recipe:

1. Make an amazing original asset
2. Isolate small useful pieces inside it
3. Present them in a new context.


TL;DR More content, less legwork

Since starting Procket, we’ve repurposed content for brands ranging from growing startups like Levels Health and Monograph to content behemoths like Shopify. Along the way, we’ve spent thousands of hours extracting insights and repurposing recorded conversations into blog posts, social content, videos and so much more.

Our goal here is to distill that experience into one guide to help content marketers extract more value from their content, reach their audience where they are and win in today’s crowded market.

Take Me To The Guide Already

This guide is actually free. I’m not asking for an email address. Because we don’t believe in gating content just to spam you with emails asking for a “quick call”.

My only ask is that you consider sharing it with others, if you like the guide. If there’s something you want to see covered or update in this guide please let us know.